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With a population of over 6 million people, Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central-American isthmus. Over the last 25 years, the country has been experiencing sustained economic growth and political stability. There are over a dozen bilingual high schools in Nicaragua, home to more than 1,200 juniors and seniors, plus an additional 150 from non-bilingual schools who often exemplify top-notch academic performance to excel at rigorous institutions.

The College Institute (TCI) is a center for pre-collegiate mentorship that supports Nicaraguan students to attend colleges & universities in the United States and other countries. TCI helps its students align their professional interests to colleges that match their unique profile and preferences and connects its students with internships and job opportunities upon their return to Nicaragua. In addition to helping them find the right college, TCI prepares its fellows to adopt healthy life habits and establish a clear vision of their life goals. TCI invites universities to connect with Nicaraguan students in person or videoconferencing, but does not accept referral fees from any college or university.

  • Nicaraguan schools that may be of interest to you in your recruiting efforts
    Name Location Languages Certifications
    Colegio Americano Nicaraguense Managua English SACS, AdvancED, MINED
    Colegio German Nicaraguense Managua English, German, Spanish IB Diploma, ZFA, EDA, WDA
    Colegio Centroamérica Managua Spanish MINED
    Colegio Calazans Managua Spanish MINED
    Colegio Nordico Internacional Managua English, Spanish AdvancED, NCA, MINED
    Colegio La Salle Managua Spanish MINED
    Colegio La Salle León Spanish MINED
    Colegio Lincoln Internacional Managua English, Spanish SACS, AdvancED, MINED
    Colegio Mantica Berios Chinandega Spanish MINED
    Colegio San Jose Matagalpa Spanish MINED
    Colegio Mont Berkeley Managua English, Spanish MINED
    Colegio Mont Berkeley Granada English, Spanish MINED
    Colegio Teresiano Managua English, Spanish SACS, AdvancED, MINED
    Nicaraguan Christian Academy Managua English, Spanish ACSI, AvancED, MINED
    Nicaraguan Christian Academy Nejapa English, Spanish MINED
    Nicaraguan Christian Academy Matagalpa English, Spanish MINED
    Colegio Notre Dame School Managua English, Spanish IB Certificate, MINED
    Pierre & Marie Curie Universal School Managua English, Spanish SACS, AdvancED, MINED
    St. Augustine Preparatory Academy Managua English, Spanish NEASC, NCEA, NAIS, MINED
    St. Mary’s School Veracruz English, Spanish OIEC, MINED
    St. Dominic School Managua English, Spanish MINED
    Trinity Christian School Managua English, Spanish MINED